Blazer Badges

Blazer Badges – Custom Hand Embroidered badges with Gold And Silver wires Bullion Embroidery Hand Crafted bullion crest Patches

Hand-carft production unit picture
Hand-carft production unit picture

The Blazer Badges are also called Blazer Patches or Blazer Crests .

Each crest is individually hand-embroidered using gold and silver bullion wire, plus silk and cotton pearl threads sewn on Felt , Wool , Blazer and / or velvet as per customer demand . 

  •  We embroider any quantity,even ONE badge for pocket !
  •  Accepts custom orders / Bespoke badges in any given quantity size and content.
  •  All our patches are hand embroidered by master craftsmen with years of experience.
  • Worldwide shipping : We use DHL Express, Dpex Express, FedEx Express, UPS Express for delivery

Top quality raw materials and craftsman-ship go into each and every handmade embroidered products, providing you with a finished product that is accurate to your specifications.

For further queries or requests as you can embroider your patch, please contact us personally we love to advice you and we look forward to your message.

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Our customers include promotional products and embroidery companies, sporting goods stores, government departments, uniform suppliers, social clubs and many more

  • Bowls Clubs (Outdoor & Indoor) Club President Badges
  • Golf Clubs Blazer Badges  ( Captains Badges / President Badges / Societies  )
  • School , Collages and University Blazer Badges
  • Rugby / Hockey /Swimming / Karate Club / Boxing Club   / Athletics / Tennis Clubs Sports and Fitness Centres
  • Navy Badges / Army Regiments Blazer Badges / Air Force Squadrons Blazer Badges
  • Police Forces blazer badges / Police Associations Blazer Badges
  • Masonic Apron & Lodge Blazer Badges / Church organisations
  • Football Clubs Professional / Semi-pro / Women Football Leagues / County Football Associations

Our Recent Work : 




8th Army Air Force AAF Bullion On Felt Patch

Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers

Blazer Badges

Blazer Badges

Bowls Clubs Blazer Badges

Downsman Bowling Club Blazer badges

Custom made Bowling Club Blazer badge Gold bullion wires on felt

Custom Made Hand embroidered UK British Royal coat of arms Blazer Badges Coat of arms available with beautiful frames / without frame

Scottish clans crest - Embroidered bullion wire blazer badges

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Blazer badge / patches for Ceremonial Dress / religion clothing blazer badges

Hunt Club Badge , Hand Embroidered Hunting Club blazer Patches

Blazer Badges

Naval Bullion Crest

Royal Navy Blazer Badge is hand embroidered using gold and silver bullion wire and fine silk threads with the Navy emblem

Navy patches – Navel Bullion wire pocket crest

Size 4x4 inches . Pocket size Blazer badge

Pride and rich club Bullion Crest - custom Hand Embroidered Pride and rich club blazer Patches / copper gold and silver bullion wires with silk thread

Cap Bullion Crests / Hand Embroidered Blazer Patches


US Air Force Bullion Crests - Hand Military Embroidered Blazer Patches Size 3 inches Diameter Pocket size with sew-on

US Army Bullion Crests - Hand Military Embroidered Blazer Patches

Pocket size 3 inches Diameter  with sew-on backing

US Marine Corps Bullion Crests - Hand Military Embroidered Blazer Patches Pocket size 3 inches Diameter with sew-on backing

US Navy Bullion Crests - Hand Military Embroidered Blazer Patches / Pocket size 3 inches Diameter with sew-on backing