The Blazon of Arms for the family surname “BALL” is on your right. The following information is an example of the vast language of Heraldry, a language that was developed over many centuries by the Heralds of Europe.

The Griffin

The Griffin in the Arms of Ball is a mythological creature with the body of a Lion and the head of an Eagle.  It denotes Valour, vigilance and Perseverance.

The Martlet

The Martlet is a bird that is unable to leave the ground, due to the fact that it is shown without having legs.  It denotes one who exists on the wings of merit and virtue, having no land to rest on.

Langued & Chevron

The word Langued means the creature is showing its tongue, while a Chevron is the sign of military prowess, just like a modern-day Sergeant’s Stripes.

The Colours of Heraldry

The colours of Heraldry have their own unique name, for example:

Azure is Blue It signifies Loyalty and Truth.  It was the colour devoted to the Virgin Mary by the Roman Church.
SABLE is Black It denotes constancy, and more rarely, grief.
GULES is Red It denotes Military Fortitude and Magnanimity.  It is also called the Martyr’s colour.
VERT is Green It signifies Hope, Joy, and sometimes Loyalty in Love.
PURPURE is Purple It is more commonly found in French Heraldry, usually inferring Royal connections, and can sometimes signify Royal Illegitimacy.
D’OR is termed a metal It can be depicted as Gold or Yellow, and it denotes Generosity and Elevation of the Mind.
ARGENT is the other metal It can be depicted as Silver or White, and it signifies Peace and Sincerity.
PROPER This term appears extremely often in Heraldic Blazons, (heraldic descriptions) it means the particular creature or implement must be depicted in its own natural or proper colours.

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